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What We Offer

Heat & Ventilation

RK Insulation provides a complete service of design, manufacture and installation of insulation, cladding, process heating and vents using highly experienced thermal insulation, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Chilled Services

RK Insulation can oversee your cold room/store project through initial concept, design, erection of the insulated cladding structure, installation of refrigeration systems and maintenance. RK Insulation specializes in undertaking large cold rooms, cold stores, chilled storage & refrigerated warehouse projects across India.

Frost Protection

Thermal Insulation can be used as a primary frost protection system for pipe work or vessels for industrial use. We offer weatherproof finishes for external applications and can manufacture various metal cladding for pipework and fittings.

Rigid Foam Insulation

RK Insulation installs rigid foam insulation for a variety of applications, including the attic, basement and crawl space. Rigid foam is a popular insulating product for its durability, high insulating value and versatility.


RK Insulation industrial dryers operate reliably, thus preventing condensation, odor nuisance and the spread of germs – the perfect humidity control essential for food industry. Protective clothing, disinfection, compliance with the cold chain and other strict hygienic requirements are on the agenda in the processing of fresh produce.

Acoustic Insulation

RK Insulation provides soundproofing consulting services designed around the full array of acoustical sound panels and related soundproofing products you will discover right here on our website. We start with the advice, then package the framework for your treatment around your budget, and deliver the most cost effective soundproofing products on the market to your doorstep.

Noise Protection

RK Insulation has considerable expertise in designing acoustic insulation for a industrial/ shipping/ commercial infrastructures. Using structural drawings, engine characteristics and other data, we can calculate and manufacture all the necessary noise protection, such as silencers and sound-absorbing systems.

Blown in Insulation

As part of our installation service for attic insulation in India and surrounding areas, our professionals will work with you to determine if blown insulation is the right insulation for your home or project, and what the appropriate R-value for the property should be.

Cellulose Insulation

RK Insulation provides superb energy savings along with a significant reduction in air infiltration, resulting in outstanding long-term value and return on investment. RK’ Cellulose Insulation is also made of up to 85% Indian recycled materials, making RK one of the greenest insulations.

Steel & Condensate Pipework

RK Insulation undertakes insulation of pipe and duct systems to avoid condensation or to provide personnel protection is required. We do Insulation of the complete system, which is required when condensation is possible.

Refractory Lining

RK Insulation undertakes designing, supply, and installation of any type of refractory lining required for power plants, petrochemicals and chemical units. Also, we undertake, vibro casting of reactor, regenerator package including supply and installation.

Passive Fire Protection

RK Insulation’s undertake designing and manufacturing flexible passive fire protection systems to fit the equipment’s/ cable tray etc. They give up to two hours protection against flame temperatures in excess of 2012ºF. Our system enables a variety of materials to be selected in order to best meet the customer specification. This ensures that the design can accommodate difficulties in location and space restrictions.


RK Insulation Engineers & Contractors is a professional engineering driven entity, founded in 2002 with a view to specialize in Thermal insulation, Refrigeration & associated fields.

The company's facilities in Gujarat & Maharashtra both include 3000 square feet of office space, and 10,000 square feet of warehouse storage, in addition to a small office and warehouse at client sites. With a 120-man crew working throughout the state of Gujarat, the Company has evolved to become a reliable partner in the insulation, fire stop and fireproofing business.

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