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Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety Philosophy

RK Insulation is sincerely interested in the health and safety of employees and personnel employed under our direction on our projects. It is our policy to provide safe and up to date tools and equipment, and a safe environment in which to perform their work.

Our safety and Loss prevention philosophy is based on the sincere belief that both safety and productivity are inseparable components of our daily work activities. Connelly Industrial Insulation Services management and supervision team is responsible for and accountable for ensuring that the proper planning for safety and loss prevention is incorporated into all of our work phases. Further it is our belief that all incidents can be prevented by the use of proper safety training, hazard assessments good planning, good communication, and sound management.

It is the responsibility of all our employees to abide by the guidelines and safe work practices and procedures outlined in our safety loss and control program and related policies along with the health and safety regulation and code.

Nothing in our work is so important that it cannot be performed in a safe manner.

RK Insulation is committed to ensuring high standards of health and safety by implementing safe systems of work, by providing safe places of work, proper maintenance to all equipment, to minimize injury to employees and others who may be affected by our activities. RK Insulation is committed to an Incident – Free Workplace and to the promotion of safety and health to all personnel. This is accomplished with a committed management team and Safety Department.

The philosophies of “target zero incidents” and a “drug-free workplace” are our fundamental ideals. Because of our efforts, we have created an award-winning safety program that enables us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers by providing continuing support, education, training and technical expertise regarding safety.

ZERO Occupational Injuries and Illnesses:

RK Insulation Seeks to provide a workplace that is free of occupational injuries and illnesses. We believe that a safe and healthful workplace is essential to achieve the high productivity and quality necessary to compete in our industry. People are our most valuable resource and we will treat them accordingly. To achieve our long-term zero injury and illness goal, our ongoing short-term goal is to continuously improve our injury and illness rate over previous years.

Long Term Goal: To achieve ZERO

This means ZERO: First Aid, Medical Aid, Lost Time, Vehicle Accidents, and Property Damage

Our goals are met through:
  • Proper safety training
  • Group safety meetings
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Near Miss recognition
  • Formal Inspections

The Board of Directors looks upon health and safety with paramount importance, and regard it as being of equal importance as production and sales.

Our Safety Policy

It is the responsibility of all supervisory personnel to instill a positive attitude and safety awareness in their subordinates. Safety excellence is a continual process and commitment to achieve a world-class safety culture. It is the responsibility of all Managers to ensure everything, which is reasonable practicable is done to prevent personal injury in the process of production and in the design, construction and operation of all equipment and machinery. It is the responsibility of all employees to act in a reasonable and safe manner and to do everything, which is reasonably practicable to prevent injury to themselves or other persons, affected by their acts or omissions.


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